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Spit Bridge Opening Times

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This application gives you the next Spit Bridge opening times for the current day, from right now onwards, with the tap of a finger. The App takes into account weekdays, weekends, public holidays and daylight savings.

The Spit Bridge NSW is an essential transport link between Sydneys northern beaches and the city and is used by approximately 70,000 motorists daily and approximately 60,000 bus commuters daily. The bridge halts traffic periodically as it opens to let boats pass underneath.

This application is a convenient way when on the move, or out on the water, to quickly find out the next Spit Bridge opening time from right now, and takes into account weekdays vs weekends vs public holidays vs daylight savings vs non-daylight savings.

The App also provides a full timetable that can be used for planning purposes, as well as a map, general information and some history of the Spit Bridge. Opening times are based on new RTA Spit Bridge opening times published on 8th February 2010 and which are current at the time of release of this App.

The App also includes links to the official government web sites for Spit Bridge information - NSW RTA Spit Bridge Opening Times and NSW Maritime Navigation Information - as well as links to more detailed historical information.